Hershal Walter aka "Schmoo" 

Status: missing AS OF 8 AM TODAY!

Pet's Name: Hershal Walter aka "Schmoo" 
Breed: Mixed - Small
Color: Black & Tan
Gender: Male, Neutered
Pet Weight: 6+- lbs.
Pet's Birthday: April 13, 2010
Special Notices:
  • Pet is house trained
  • Special Needs: hes very curious and if he isnt cuddling in arms he needs watched constantly or he will just sniff himself along like a curious explorer til hes out of eye sight... hes super friendly and will run up to anyone just to say hi

    Owner's Name: jennifer m young
    Location: los angeles, California, USA
    Phone 1: 818 505 4121
    Phone 2: 310 906 9210

    Veterinarian: Rainbow Veterinary Clinic Dr Metzger

    Food Likes: everything tasty
    Treat Likes: bacon, turkey, chx
    Food To Avoid: raisins, grapes, dark chocolate
    Other: wet dog food

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    Notes: hershal is my clinically prescribed psychiatric companion by dr soldinger in sherman oaks ca. i need him back home not just because hes my service animal, but hes all ive got. its been just me and him all the time since he was a baby almost 3 years now... please help return him home to mom<3
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